I can work with that

There is something so satisfying about being with a dead tree and seeing how, even in its transformed state, it continues to serve life.

The tree now becomes a habitat for tree frogs and beetles. Woodpeckers feed on the insects living in it. Mice use it to store food. It will decay further into a soft, powdery mound, and nature will find an important use for that form too.

Eventually, the tree will disappear into the earth, leaving the soil rich with minerals.

The forest, with its trees both alive and decaying, uses everything for its creativity. Whatever form is present, the forest says, “I can work with that.”

The master painter makes use of whatever materials are present in the studio to create her art. She doesn’t stop painting when the tube of cerulean blue has been emptied. Compelled to create, she surveys the materials offered to her and says, “I can work with that.”

No matter what experiences and circumstances life brings to me, I like to imagine myself responding, “I can work with that.” At least, that’s an orientation worth cultivating.

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