Heading out into the desert

Friends, I’m heading out on a vision quest this Sunday. I’ll be in the New Mexico desert for twelve days, four of which I’ll be fasting solo.

This has been a potent year. Rich with love and marriage. New and deepening connections. Rapid clearing away of many non-essentials. And a creative expression emerging that feels more and more aligned with my Being.

In other words, I won’t be questing, or seeking, anything. I will be celebrating.

I’m bringing my celebration and gratitude to the desert, and offering these to spirit and the planet.

Celebrating my half century mark too! Praise be!

A whole lot is stirring within, yet I seem to be lacking words. Today’s offering is this photo, taken last week while strolling through Muir Woods with my dear friend Jody. This path evokes a sense of peace in me. And so, I leave you with this, a “peace be with you” blessing, for whatever path you may be on right now. 

I will be away from posting for a few weeks, but hope to bring back a few new tree friends and some more tree wisdom to share on my return.

With love,


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