Designed for sourcing

This morning I was feeling especially depleted after several days of full-on intensity. I went to re-source myself among the oaks and redwoods.  Imagining myself a tree, I stood tall, open, face and palms turned towards the sun.  Filling myself with light.

I marvel. Within the structure and limitations of its own design, a tree possesses all the elements and processes necessary for receiving and metabolizing energy from the sun.

I am like the tree. Within my own unique design, I possess all the elements and processes necessary for my own receiving and metabolizing of source energy.

I don’t always align to source, as a tree does so directly, organically, consistently.

In my humanness, I sometimes forget. I mistake something else as source. Lots of activity and human interaction can take me off track. Or I simply cut myself off. Often while complaining of my disconnection. Curious creature, this human.

But this live oak, she is reminding me.

I have all I need within and in connection to source. I am designed for this.

Stand tall. Open. Let the light in.

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