If you love to wander among trees — whether to touch beauty, discover the depth of your feelings, access timeless wisdom or generate creative inspiration — then you’ll feel right at home here.

Here, I share some tree love — a photo, maybe some words. I share some other things too — mostly about how to create love from wholeness. If you’d like to receive love directly to your inbox, then sign-up here. Or, drop by anytime you want to fill your love tank. So glad to share this space with you!


In December of 2015, after nearly a year of being sidelined by a chronic foot injury, I committed to a “100 Days of Trees” project with the chief purpose of getting back out into nature on a regular basis.

It was simple and straight-forward. Each day, for 100 consecutive days, I would take a picture of a tree. Get outside, breathe fresh air, find a tree, click. One hundred days.

What a difference 100 days makes.

Yes, I got outside. Yes, I re-connected with some of my favorite forests and hills. Yes, I began moving and breathing again.

And, as the days started adding up, something else happened that I hadn’t expected.

A communication opened up where I could sense, or hear, the trees by feeling their voices resonate inside my being. At least, that’s the best way I am able to describe it today.

Many times their messages were simple, clear invitations to resonate with a quality, like “beauty” or “peace.”

Often, I would bring a particular challenge I was grappling with, and, in the company of trees, was able to access a new perspective that created an opening within me.

And sometimes, the trees spoke directly. Emphatically even. Like this one who stopped me in my tracks one February morning.

This blog emerged, once the 100 days were integrated, as what wanted to happen next. There seems to be more to discover and express. I hope to do so organically, authentically. You know, like the trees.

So glad you’re here!

In gratitude,
Elizabeth Hunter Diamond

P.S. You can also find me at www.ElizabethHunterDiamond.com.